Early mornings, late nights,

Losing friends to unnecessary fights,

Running through evenings, chasing days,

Don’t know what you’ll become and what will stay.

Craving for success, stopped believing in stars,

Taking the metro, dreaming of cars,

Untied laces and messy hair,

Other things in the head and you don’t care.

Every Friday night a different bar,

Falling in love with every scar.

Goals so many to score,

With foot all sore,

None to substitute,

You’ve to push yourself through.


If money had religion

This world has witnessed crimes and wars just for power which comes only in one form, that is money. This world has its differences in terms of religion and race, which actually have been the roots of a lot of wars and money being the secondary reason for wars and terrorism. Money is only distinguised in the terms of nations and each nation having its separate value, which can even be converted into any other countries currency which we are all aware of. So what if money also had religion? Would there be still wars to win over money of the opposite religion? Would still people shed blood? Money is now easily convertible in any form, be it other currency or equity and hundreds of other forms, but religion isn’t convertible that easy, people can but they don’t, as they have sentiment for their own roots. So what if money had religion, there would be less wars less terrorism as people having money of some other religion would be useless to them, but a con would be that the world would remain isolted even with a population of 7 billion, which would be fruitless.

My point here is money doesn’t have religion but it still has energy like any other religion to create and to destroy, so next time before fighting over it or stealing or donating it be it any action, money does absorb the energy of your actions which might open doors for you or even destroy your home, whatever your karma is it will come back with the same energy.

True friendship.

One relationship after family, is friendship,

We all have friends, all kind of friends, namingly good friends, study friends, best friends, but there is only one true friend you’ll have in your lifetime, only one soul which will be with you more than your family more than your partner, more than anyone, you may be a true friend to someone, but at the same time is that person giving back the same? Are they doing justice? This is very rare where true friendship is in symmetry and reciprocates in this world, where people actually forget about their friends for some other attraction, or some bubble fame and respect, which is so not sane, because the other person is standing right behind you, following you, having your back like a shadow and you’re busy chasing another. This one is just because I’ve seen so many friendships end, some end silently but I’ve seen worse. My only point here is, if you have a friend always for you no matter what the situation is, no matter you’re right or at fault, if that friend still stands right with you holding your hand, that friend doesn’t deserve to be pushed back for any god damn reason in the world, that would hurt bad but still that person just won’t react for your sake, for the bond that has been built over the years, and when that friend let’s go of you, you’re the one at loss, you’ll be the one losing out on a diamond in a world of stones, so take a moment, sit back and get your priorities and facts straight, begin now and end up missing out a holding hand when the world’s against you.

We all grew up.

From jumping walls and skipping stones,

From a broken tooth and stuffed Gnomes,

From playing in the puddles and sailing paper boats,

We all grew up, we all grew up to finding all this stupid or missing all this stuff which we can not really do now,

We all grew up from hating school to standing outside its gate now remembering all the bitter sweet memories.

We all grew up from saving money to earning it,

From eating all day to skipping meals,

From loving our parents to not giving them time,

From loving toys to now chasing for anything that shines.

So have we changed enough? From the good to the selfish?

Nope we haven’t, it’s the time that has changed, it’s the value time has created for money,

We haven’t changed, money has changed us, this might sound stupid but there’s a fine line of difference, just think over it.

We haven’t changed from what was a decade or more before, we all just grew up, grew up against time for money.


In this modern world one doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t have the ability to create. Yes, I believe it to be true, and by creating it doesn’t necessarily mean to create something physical like an invention or making some discovery. There are many more things other than materialistic stuff like cars or buildings or even applications in this modern run.

People walking in the dusk considering themselves not capable or inefficient to do something or create something in life, walk out right away, get into the light and give away all the darkness, it’s time for you to create, not cars but a happy moment, a positive vibe, yes, bring in some colour in your tinted life. A postive moment created, will create another and that one into another, and eventually it will multiply, a ray of light will get yourself a sun. This is very true and you can experience it in your daily routine, for instance lets take a negative example, a bomb is only created either for threat or destruction and obviously defence, suppose it’s created for destruction, a negative energy is also created, which we all know is going to put a negative impact on many lives, devastation all around the bomb will be created, so here a single negative thought multiplied from a single mind to a thousand lives.

So if a negative energy can be multiplied, even positive energy can be and history is evidence, great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teressa, Mahatma Gandhi and many more great minds, all started alone with a postive mindset with a postive energy and a positive intention, and they all fought for different issues but with one thing in common being postivity, and see from one person they multiplied into thousands infact even more, one positive thought multiplied into a thousand resulting in happiness and relief for millions. The power of creating is within us, the Gods created us, so that we create this pieces of land into something more beautiful, a better place to live on.

So create a happy moment everyday and wait for the magic.


Standing by the window, staring at the street,

3 am and dead silence, but a battle in the head won’t let me sleep,

Failure, heart-break, anxiety everythings home,

A silent tear flows, wishing for a magical Gnome,

Dream’s too big, steps too small,

Everything’s messed up, will scatter and vanish if I again fall,

Too many decisions, too many concerns,

Everything’s too much important, my heart can’t take anymore burns,

Colourful from the outside, only black and white within,

Can’t see anyone else suffer, I’d prefer losing for them to win.

This can not continue, if I want to make my steps bigger,

Something’s have to be lost, to save my bidder.

Other’s will understand, but will I last?

Other’s will motivate, but will I get over the past?

Can neither win everything nor wanna lose anything,

In this universe this doesn’t work, its like either stay with your family or lose them for the ring.

5.30 am and nothings moved,

Have got it all together yet everything’s still far,

If this was a movie, I would be making a wish watching the shooting star,

But this ain’t no movie, but not less than one,

I don’t know what’s coming next, dozing off to the rising sun.

Do not stop.

​Add steps to your steps,

Success to your pain,

Don’t stress about the sweat on your nose,

Summers will hide, with a much deserved rain.
Follow the heart,

Follow the dream,

Fall in love,

But never let those crystals unnecessarily stream.
Go with the flow,

Come what may,

Keep in mind, you have to glow,

Turn the black into gray.
Keep your friends close and family closer,

All other commitments are a bubble game,

There maybe only a few of the closer ones,

But remember this small audience will give you the best applaud, do you still need fame?
Also learn to stay alone,

Learn to be there for yourself,

Because when the lights fade out,

You yourself have to find the way.
“All’s well that ends well.”

This is what the world will say,

You in the middle, have to work your guts out,

You in the middle, have to make the world say the above quote.
So do not stop,

When you’ve already begun,

Do not stop, when you are already in the middle,

Because people only talk about the middle, if they love the end.

Women Empowerment

​Now let’s talk about the legendary and mythical Phoenix bird which is known for its rebirth from its ashes which it burns into at its last dark hour. Similarly, women which are considered to be the strongest amongst the two genders are been dominated by the men for centuries till date. Today, that domination has decreased to a certain extent but yet there isn’t equality, not yet. Women here are the phoenix bird which burn into its own ashes and when they’re about to reborn the society cleans and wipes the ash away, not because women stand lower or feeble in the game, but because they are scared that once reborn, women have the potential more than men to win the world, men have been successful this long, but there are Phoenix’s reborn like Mother Teressa, Amelia Earhart, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Rosa Parks and many more ; these women belong to different countries and don’t share  anything mutual, but they were the first one’s to do something which women had never done and never believed to do, just like the phoenix bird which turned into a baby again after dying which no bird can ever do, the point here is women are not only equal to men but even more powerful, yet this society suppresses them, keeps them at a inferior stage/level,  in a world where empowerment for women is the most necessary thing to strive for, so that there is even better development of the land we live on and try to save, many countries have looked into this issue and have started working on it (Including India) which is a really good thing to do, because the world now knows if the women are surpressed more, the phoenix will blaze into a fire storm and conquer the world on its terms. This quote by Diane Mariechild sums up everything , ” A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”


​In the midst of the sinking sun,

Far away from the regular life,

Something inside the chest deeply burns,

Standing on the earth, yet unaware where you stand,

Your brain in a dilemma and heart in a cage,

Calm from the outside, but inside covered with rage,

A fall from the tallest building, you don’t land though,

The suffering continues, but sshh you can’t really show.

From a stage to a court house,

From an applauding audience to a row of poker faced jury,

No one supports but expect you to glow,

But what you really want lies on a different shore.

Thirsty Heart.

​Glittery night or a lone moon,

The search is you, I wanna see you soon,

Scar from a rose or a fall from a dream,

The search is you, I want you to appear from a deep steam.
Dying of thirst, or drowning in a sea,

Nothing could save me, unless you witness what I see,

Ripped off attire or wearing the most lavish jewellery,

Nothing could blind me, only you can free me from misery.
An arranged buffet with the best dessert’s and wine’s,

Nothing can fill the hunger of hearing these words from you, “You’re only mine.”

A 5 starred room, or an unpleasing cottage,

Any will do, if you commit to be with me, till our dying age.